To Vriska (who I hope is following me haha;; )

Hey! Don’t worry about the anon thing. Also I’m sorry this has taken a century and a half to answer. Family shit has been going down and I haven’t been able to get online. Currently my laptop is buggy and won’t load skype, so I won’t be able to add you until I get it fixed. I’m really sorry.


Also didn’t want to respond to the ask itself because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to edit out your Skype name. I’ve had someone answer a private ask with my skype in it publicly and I got a bunch of weirdos hitting me up ;; Would not want that to happen to anyone else. 

Sorry for all this inconvenient bullshit :c

Ugh. So okay. I haven’t been here in ages, sorry about that. But it’ll probably be awhile before I’m back. I’m having a lot of family issues right now and I just can’t deal with being online. The only good thing that’s arisen from this pile of shit is that I’m finally getting a binder, so I’ll be closer to my life goal. Sorry everyone. 

- Kev

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to the vriska i met on MSPARP as mindfang

My laptop restarted for updates with no warning and I lost our RP 

Send me an ask so we can continue. I’m really sorry :C

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I will just leave this here. |−・;)

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Sext: what do you want from taco bell
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when you’re so pale that your bare legs reflect sunlight and shine bright like diamonds

shine bright like a white kid


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two slices sprouted grain toast -  one with almond butter, banana, and agave nectar, and the other with almond butter and strawberry rhubarb jam, and sliced watermelon



when someone bugs me

favorite toki gif

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